Ask Me Anything: How I Lost Weight and Resolved Health Issues With The Keto Diet.

THANKSGIVING DAY, NOVEMBER 2015. This is the day that started it all.  I saw a picture of me posted on Facebook by a family member of me at our family Thanksgiving event. When I saw that picture, it was like someone slapped me in the face. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was doing all the "right" things I thought. I ran 2-3 miles 3 days a week. I did power yoga another 2 days a week. I always got my "steps". My daily food consisted of veggies, hummus, salads, oatmeal, whole wheat toast, brown rice, lean meats, and fruit. Apparently, I was doing something wrong.  On top of all that, I was hypoglycemic, so I had to eat constantly (about every 2 hours) to keep my blood sugar from crashing. I had some nasty fainting spells and I was terrified to leave the house without food in tow. I because known as the "lunchbox lady" because I carried a lunchbox with me everywhere I went. After the slap in the face Thanksgiving picture, I was desperate to find a solution. I had yo-yo dieted like everyone else. Restricted calories. Starved myself. Slim Fast. Diet pills. You name it, I probably tried it at some point and time. And like everyone else, I would lose a little weight, then gain it all back plus a couple pounds. I didn't want to do that again. I was at my highest weight, I was not going to start yet another diet and get even heavier from my efforts.




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Can you build muscles on the keto diet? How can people contact you?
Jun 12, 6:32AM EDT0

Absolutely! There is no evidence that muscle building is affected by a person doing keto. In fact there are quite a few bodybuilders/physique influencers out there who are keto.   You can contact me at 

Jun 12, 9:00AM EDT0
How long does it take to become keto-adapted?
Jun 11, 9:48AM EDT0

Bottom line: it depends. The body is a very complicated piece of machinery and a "one size fits all" approach to nutrition is not going to work. I encourage all my clients to plan on making small changes to your eating plan over 3-6 months to really find your "sweet spot", exactly your personal range of macros and calories that feel best for you and produce consistent results. The problem is, most people don't want to be consistent, nor track well enough to best to find their best plan. This is not an eating plan for someone looking for a quick fix. It takes time to figure out what works for your own body.  

Jun 11, 12:40PM EDT0
How do you help people with their weight loss challenges?
Jun 11, 12:34AM EDT0

Fire Team Whiskey offers 5 progressive 30-day weight loss and fitness programs. Our Programs take a person progressively to a keto lifestyle while also providing fitness, wellness and support/accountability.  Our Programs are ONLY offered to a limited number of people for a short window of time. Once our roster is full, you have to wait for the next window. This ensures you get the personal attention you need in order to be successful with your weight loss goals. What is also amazing about our Programs is that you can live anywhere and participate. Our Programs are all designed for you to be able to do from home, deployment, work, etc. on any schedule. 

Jun 11, 9:07AM EDT0
What are the health benefits of the ketogenic diet?
Jun 10, 9:52PM EDT0

Way too many to list here, but here are just a few:

Reduction in body fat

Increased metaboloic rate

Decreased insulin sensitivity

Decreased fasting blood sugar

Decreased dense lipoproteins

Decrease inflammation

Improvement in restful sleep

Increased energy/reduced fatigue 

Increased focus and attention

Reduction in mood swings, depression and anxiety

Improvement in skin tone

Improved bowel flora/decreased bowel irritability

Jun 11, 9:11AM EDT0
Is there no medication available for hypoglycemia?
Jun 10, 7:02PM EDT0

No there is not. The general prescribed approach is to carry sugar with you everywhere and to eat/drink sugar when your blood sugar gets low 

Jun 11, 9:12AM EDT0
Do you only work with military, veterans and first responders?
Jun 10, 1:56PM EDT0

We open our Program to a limited number of civilians up for the challenge every few months. If you are interested in being one of those who are ready for the challenge, go to and provide us your email address so you can get the email updates when our Program is available. I can tell you that the next window will be open to a limited amount of Enlistees in 2-3 weeks (we are finalizing a date today), so keep an eye out for those emails! 

Jun 11, 9:15AM EDT0
Do you have plans on writing a book or blog about your weight loss experience?
Jun 10, 2:22AM EDT0

I have a blog which is updated almost daily.  Book is in the works. Stay tuned! 

Jun 11, 9:21AM EDT0
Is it best to consult a doctor first before starting the Keto Diet?
Jun 9, 10:35AM EDT0

Ok so the official answer is yes. I am not a physician, and must state that for any diet and fitness changes, you should consult a doctor. That being said, being that most doctors have very little nutrition education (literally a 4 hour block of instruction in med school...thats it) and that information they were taught was at least 50 years old when they were in school (which could have been over 20 years ago, so you do the math at how old the data is that they are working from) I would also suggest that you educate yourself on this way of life and read up on the latest research in nutrition. Two books I highly recommend is "Undoctored" by Dr. William Davis and "The Keto Cure" by Dr. Adam Nally and Jimmy Moore. Dr. Davis and Dr. Moore are two doctors that operate from the latest research in nutrition and is a great way to educate yourself and hear what a Doctor says that is actually read up on the latest research. 

Jun 11, 9:27AM EDT0
What are some diet pills you’ve tried? Were they doctor recommended?
Jun 9, 2:39AM EDT0

I won't even mention them because they don't work. ANY DIET PILLS that work are only a temporary intervention and most work by doing not very great stuff to your body and can cause long-lasting damage and make your future weight loss efforts more difficult. I personally have heart damage from a diet pill I took for years. Bottom line is, if it seems to good to be true, it's not. 

Jun 11, 9:28AM EDT0
What kept you motivated to continue losing weight?
Jun 9, 2:31AM EDT0

The realization that this is a JOURNEY. What changed everything for me was realizing that short-term efforts or expectations to lose weight quickly were delusional and detrimental in every way possible. When I let that go and just focused on the long-term efforts, it was so much easier for me to keep going. When you look at your journey as never-ending, you have no incentive to stop, you only have the incentive to keep going. 

Jun 11, 9:31AM EDT0
Is there a book about Keto Diet that you could recommend?
Jun 9, 2:03AM EDT0

Yes, I am a huge reader and I have read some amazing books on this topic. I highly encourage anyone considering this diet to read at least two books on the subject first. I have a complete recommended book list on my website at

Jun 11, 10:03AM EDT0

If you eat something that's not recommended for a keto diet, how long does it take to get back into ketosis? And what's the deal with half and half? Someone just told me it has sugar in it, even though it's not listed in the ingredients. Is that true?

Jun 8, 10:37PM EDT0
What did you do when you felt like giving up while trying to lose weight?
Jun 8, 4:42PM EDT0
Is there a day when you skip working out?
Jun 8, 3:54PM EDT0
Is the Keto Diet something that could make you gain weight after stopping it? Does it have to go on forever?
Jun 8, 2:25PM EDT0

Now that you look fantastic, do you still continue to do keto with as much intensity as you did when you were still trying to lose weight?

Jun 8, 1:53PM EDT0
How important is your family’s support during your weight loss journey?
Jun 8, 1:48AM EDT0

For me personally none, but I am an independent woman!  I have clients who's weight loss journies have been greatly helped by the support of their partner. So I highly encourage you have some kind of support and not someone who is sabotaging your efforts.

Jun 8, 9:19AM EDT0
Among all the things you did to lose weight, which was most difficult for you?
Jun 7, 11:30PM EDT0

ALL OF THEM! ha ha! Because they ultimately didn't work. It wasn't until I started Keto that I found a permanent solution. 

Jun 8, 9:21AM EDT0
How long did it take before you reached your target weight?
Jun 7, 8:12PM EDT0

Within a few months, but the amazing thing is that my body fat continues even over a year later to steadily improve. I have been at my target weight for about a year now, but body fat is getting lower and lower!

Jun 8, 9:22AM EDT0
How fast can one lose weight with the Keto diet?
Jun 7, 7:03PM EDT0

As always the answer is, it depends. It depends on what else is going on in your body, how insulin resistant you are, how much sleep you are getting, how stressed out you are etc. I have a client who barely budged in weight in months, but we figured out she had an autoimmune disorder. Now that she has gotten treated for that and on a great path to healing, she is shedding weight like crazy! 

Jun 8, 9:23AM EDT0
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